Sports  Academy

All children learn in different ways and have preferred learning styles. With over 60% of our entire school involved in organised sport, it made sense to cater for this preferred learning style in an innovative way.

Mr Gordon will be the teacher of the academy. The Yr 3 & 4 sports academy is different to most sports academies due to it being full time and delivering the full New Zealand curriculum.

The Yr 3 & 4 Sports Academy aims to integrate all the curriculum areas into a sports focus for at least 70% of its delivery. The class will include a standard mix of sporting and curriculum ability, gender and class size just like all of our other classes.

It is about catering for the children who have a passion for sport and movement. Everything from sports’ science, football, athletics, dance, gymnastics, Equestrian, swimming, BMX, archery, snowboarding….you name it!