• Ring and make a time to meet with Greg Hurley our Principal. He will show you around the school and answer any questions you have.

  • Enrolment packs are available onsite at the school office.

  • Our New Entrants team will make contact to organise any before school visits.

  • The enrolment process can start anytime for any year group or age.

  • Communication is key for us. Please let us know your child's needs.

SCHOOL OFFICE  - Phone 03 4898577

Silverstream Ministreamers

We offer a nearly 5 programme called Silverstream Ministreamers.  This allows children the chance to meet their teacher, other children and to explore their new learning space.  We start in room 5 (Ipurangi) and then move on to the performing arts centre to do a session in gymskills and PMP.